16″ Club Two-Wheeler


The ultimate test for any unicyclist. The two wheeler is a fantastic challenge for any one who really wants to test them selves. The 16″ Club Two-Wheeler being smaller than 20″ is slightly less scary when learning – they also tend to be more agile. The Club Two-Wheeler is a sleek looking fantastic challenge unicycle.

Saddle: Club saddle
Seatpost: 25.4mm x 400mm diameter anti-twist seatpost
Seatpost clamp:
 white double bolt clamp (28.6mm)
Frame: 16″ black  frame with sealed bearing held in machined bearing housings
Wheel-size: 20″
Tyre: 16×1.75″ In-door/street tyre.
Rim: 16″ robust aluminium rim with 36 spoke holes
Spokes: 14G.
Hub: wide flanged hardened hub
Cranks: 102mm steel cranks
Pedals: Robust Plastic block pedals

Weight: 6.8kg

Recommended leg length sizes for unicycle:
Standard seatpost: Minimum – 54cm (21.3″), Maximum – 75cm (34.4″)
Cutdown seatpost: Minimum – 53cm (20.9″)
These sizes are measured from crotch to floor wearing shoes